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06.02. Movie about war in ukraine // Film über den Krieg in der Ukraine

6. Februar – 18:00 - 22:00

19:00 Küfa
20:00 Movie
Language: English, Ukrainian
Subtitles: English

Wir schliessen uns der Kampagne „Alerta! Alerta! Stop russian propaganda!“ an und zeigen in diesem Rahmen einen Film über den Krieg in der Ukraine. Der Dokumentarfilm versucht die Gräueltaten der russischen Invasion zu dokumentieren und gibt einen Einblick in den Alltag des Krieges, welchem die Menschen in der Ukraine ausgesetzt sind.

We are joining the „Alerta! Alerta! Stop russian propaganda!“ campaign and are showing a film about the war in Ukraine. The documentary attempts to document the atrocities of the Russian invasion and gives an insight into the everyday life of the war to which the people in Ukraine are exposed.


Zum Inhalt der Kampagne // Content of the Campaign:


🔥There is war other than class war. In ukraine, it’s already going into its third year. In troubled times, with several conflicts that popped up in 2023, it’s hard to bear in mind that russia is still trying to annihilate its „brother nation“. Our focus slips, we are getting tired of this war. So are the ukrainians, but every day they are forced to stay awake in a nightmare that isn’t a dream.

🔥As the aggressor has shown no intention to stop its endeavor, ukraine has no other possibility than fighting. The cost is immense. Over 100,000 defenders plus more than 10,000 civilians have been killed. Even more suffered severe injuries, others are held in russian captivity, where they face torture. Children have been kidnapped and were given to „foster parents“. Others already had to live the second year under occupation of a proto-fascist dictatorship.

🔥Ordinary ukrainians don’t want that, nor do they want the Freedom they fought for being erased. Anarchists in ukraine feel the same. They know that the common cause, currently, is a fight for Liberty. Not for the state, for a president, for corrupt elites and definitely not for NATO. It’s a fight for Freedom. Without it, there will be no more base for any political participation or activity that isn’t controlled by Moscow.

🔥During the last year, anarchists in the West were debating if this fight for „the lesser evil“ can still be called revolutionary. Discussing this, within the safety of gatherings like the RIA that was held in Switzerland, seems almost cynical. The „lesser evil“ might become revolutionary, when hostile tanks are approaching your house.

🔥We don’t deny the contradiction that the situation provokes for us and our movement. But we believe that anarchism has always been flexible enough not only to adapt to challenging situations, but also to be empathic with those in need. Anarchism became popular, because it has proven itself as a strategy of common people. It also lost significance because it couldn’t connect with popular struggles anymore. Helping ukrainians to preserve their language, culture and self-determination, does not only match with core values of anarchism, it will also enable the movement to write history, rather than being some chapter in history books.

🔥In order to raise awareness and recap a very moved year, in which we lost many great comrades, Alerta Stop Russian Propaganda has selected several articles, podcasts and videos. Pass it on to your friends, discuss it and get involved. As a group or alone, You matter and You can make a difference.


6. Februar
18:00 - 22:00